About Us

GAKHEI Incense Macau


Sense of Self

Gakhei was first established in Macau, China, in early 2021, honors the traditional incense and burning culture from China, to popularize their methodologies and philosophies. Gakhei's products also have developed with various present technologies and modern designs, to integrate with other countries' cultural and fashions. Gakhei believes it should not be limited to it's form, but important are the wisdoms, essences and messages can be delivered into yourself, to transport one's mind to the island of inner serene calm, and awaken the sense of self. 

Gakhei Incenses

Gakhei creator, Hanyin Hu, has years of experiences and knowledges studying Chinese natural aromatics materials, and present technologies with various extracting methods to obtain pure natural essential oil. Gakhei incense products integrated with these natural aromatics materials with pure essential oil, and thus to enhance and optimize the health care effects from the scent and smoke.



Gakhei Visions

Hanyin has a vision to spread on this intangible cultural activity, and believes this requires practicing with a mindset oriented toward preservation for future generations. At Gakhei, they strive to convey the quality of Chinese's beautiful traditions with feeling of pride and respect. Beside offering with our unique formulated incense and holders, we also regular hold lessons to teach people about incense burning and tasting cultural, various incense crafting methods, ingredient materials cognition, and history of Chinese incense and its cultural.

Timeless Ritual and Infinite Benediction

Gakhei respect the traditional culture of fusing incense to pray and honor the loves one and worshipping god. And, Gakhei incense more uses to encourage and benefits in ones' health, dispelling negative energy and soothe the stress.