Chinese Incense Ceremony


Burning incense is a long established tradition culture and has many applications in China. It is one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage skill and technology. 

Incense is burned directly or indirectly to provide pleasant fragrances for rooms and clothing, it acts to be a media to communicate with the gods, and to drive out evil spirits. Burning incense during I Ching readings is an absolute must, because it creates the right atmosphere in which to receive the divine wisdom or the pure breath of the gods.

During this program, you will have an unique chance to broaden your horizon and knowledge about the old ancient Chinese incense culture. You can also be able to witness an authentic and less known introduction into one of China’s oldest preserved traditional customs, the ceremony of burning incense. This will be the best time to immerse yourself into the aromatic fumes of refined fragrances and mentally travel back in time, to assimilate into the ancient cultural of China. Thus, its strongly recommend to dress in traditional Chinese costume, such as Cheongsam or Hanfu, photo shooting and filming is also allow and will be available during and after class.



Duration for this class is 2 hrs, you will obtain and learn to do the following ceremony:

  • Make Zhuan Xiang, incense shaped to resemble the meandering lines of sigillary characters, or traditional patterns, could be used to mark time.
  • Ge Huo Xiang, burning incense indirectly.
  • There will be a unique souvenir for you to take home.



Price: MOP2600 for up to 2 people

MOP700 per additional person (Max. 4 people)

(This including expert fee, class room space and material cost)  


For a group of more than 4 people, please contact us for larger group offer and schedule arrangement.


Duration is 2hrs, directions for meeting place will be provided in both Chinese and English for you to arrive at our starting point. Please bring along with your email confirmation for participation.