Teacher Profiles

Hanyin Hu (香名格熙 - Gakhei) was born in Hunan China. She is a student of Incense Master Wu Qing, who has been well qualified in China. (Image below refer to the lesson which has been conducted in Shanghai, Hanyin left, Master Wu Qing right.)

Hanyin has been studied incense, their cultural and ceremony for several years. She has also been researching and developing new adventure of incense, to integrate the formulation from traditional with modern elements, fuse the methodologies and the cultural between China and International. Thereby, to discover and invent the revolution incense products. She loves innovation, however, she also understand the important to preserve and pass on Chinese Incense traditional intangible cultural heritage and its essence. Thus, throughout the lesson, you will be able to explore between the ancient Chinese cultural and New Era oasis, you definitely will be inspired by her thoughts and philosophies, and be attracted by her personality and profession. Hanyin is a very kind, friendly and patient teacher. Her incense ceremonies are transcendent. Her movements are soft, graceful and so centered in a powerful mindfulness. Though she is very skilled, she always takes the time to demonstrate what she is doing in a way that is easy to follow and repeat. We know that you will come to love and respect her as we do. Hanyin's achievements and accomplishment are listed below:

(China Jiangnan Traditional Literati and Incense Intangible Cultural Heritage Certificate)

(Certified Incense Artist by Forestry Industry Federation of China)

(Certified Incense Master by Forestry Industry Federation of China)

韓國KCCA All That Incense (ATI)薰香指導師證書
(Incense Instructor Certificate issued by KCCA Korea All That incense - ATI)

韓國KCCA Incense All Master 手工製香指導師證書
(Incense Craftsman Instructor Certificate issued by KCCA Korea All That incense - ATI)

(President of Chinese Incense Cultural Exchange Association of Macao)

(President of Macao Elegant and Manner Association)

(Chairman of Zhuhai Hengqin Chi Ao Cultural and Creativity Co., Ltd)

(Chairman of Macao Chi Ao Cultural Co., Ltd)