Understanding of Incense


What is Incense? Incense is a biological material that produces pleasantly fragrant smoke when burned. Essential oil and plant materials are used in the making of incense. It is used to create an ambiance, produces a pleasant aroma, and is also used in meditation, aromatherapy, and has several other uses as well.

The word incense comes from the Latin word incendere, which means ‘burn.’ The use of incense dates back to ancient Egypt, where priests used it for the fumigation of tombs and funeral ceremonies. Egyptians also used incense to keep demons away and as an offering to their gods during different rituals.

Type of Incense

To "active" the incense, it can be used indirect burning or direct burning depending the type of incense. 

Indirect burning Incense

Indirect burning incense includes loose resin that requires a separate source of heat constantly to keep the biological material burning. You will find that indirect burning incenses are most commonly used in contemporary settings.

Direct Burning Incense

Direct burning incense is lit once and fanned out after a while. It creates a glowing ember that burns the material slowly and releases the fragrant smoke. Direct burning incenses are pressed into a cone, block, or any other shape and are formed around a stick that supports it.

Incense can be made in various forms, which most common types are Sticks, Cones, Coils and Powders. And burning duration is be significant affected by its form made.